Coaching and Behavioural Change - Publications

The programmes of the Henley Centre for Coaching are delivered by a blend of core tutors (many of whom have been involved since the Centre opened in 2004), supported by an impressive selection of external speakers. Details of their research and publications can be found under their individual biographies.

In addition, students on the first cohorts of the MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change have already completed some outstanding practitioner research, looking at topics such as

  • performance anxiety in coaches
  • addressing resistance to change, and
  • exploring successful mentoring relationships.

Those outputs are complemented by White Papers and Points of View briefs that are prepared by members of the academic staff of the Centre. An example of each is presented below:

White papers

Dr Patricia Bossons: Coaching supervision and its use in working with leaders (PDF-417 KB)
In this paper, we examine the nature of coaching supervision and also extrapolate into the field of leadership where, increasingly, coaches are taking on ‘supervision’ roles with their executive coaches around their leadership practice.

Points of view

Dr Patricia Bossons: The challenges of cross-cultural coaching (PDF-380 KB)
This article is a summary of our reflections from a wide range of cross-cultural coaching experiences which we have encountered both in our own executive coaching practices, but also as tutors on the Henley Coaching Certificate and MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change.

Insight Guides

Our Insight Guide series provides expert advice on the key questions coaches ask themselves, from which model to use to how to manage an ethical dilemma or use cross-cultural approaches in your coaching.

The guides have been written by Henley's team of coaches and tutors including Tony Grant, Nancy Kline, Peter Hawkins, David Clutterbuck, Philippe Rosinski, Alison Hardingham and Jonathan Passmore.

A selection can be found below:

Members of The Henley Centre for Coaching receive the complete series of Insight Guides which are published on a monthly basis.

Further Selected Publications

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work (2017). Edited by Jonathan Passmore, Lindsay G. Oades, Michael Steger, Antonelle Delle Fave.

A state-of-the-art psychological perspective on positivity and strengths-based approaches at work. This handbook makes a unique contribution to organizational psychology and HRM by providing comprehensive international coverage of the contemporary field of positivity and strengths-based approaches at work. It provides critical reviews of key topics such as resilience, wellbeing, hope, motivation, flow, authenticity, positive leadership and engagement, drawing on the work of leading thinkers including Kim Cameron, Shane Lopez, Peter Clough and Robert Biswas-Diener.

Coaching Essentials (2012)

Patricia Bossons, Denis Sartain and Jeremy Kourdi This accessible guide offers a comprehensive selection of practical tools and techniques to match situations or issues with specific coaching techniques, for optimum results.

Leadership and Personal Development: A Toolbox for the 21st Century Professional (2011) Edited by Katja Kruckeberg, Wolfgang Amann, and Mike Green Featuring contributions from Dr Patricia Bossons and other Henley coaching faculty.

Under Pressure (2011)
Denis Sartain and Maria Katsarou

The Coach's Coach (2004)
Professor Alison Hardingham – with Mike Brearley, Adrian Moorhouse and Brendan Venter - sets out the skills and tools a successful coach needs, explaining how coaches have to be at the top of their game to draw the best possible performance out of the person being coached.

The Business Benefits of Management and Leadership Development (2012)
Dr Richard McBain, Professor Abby Ghobadian, Jackie Switzer and Petra Wilton