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Unlocking the True Potential of Coaching within Middle Eastern Culture

Ershad Coaching is an innovative and unique form of coaching which has been developed within Henley Business School. The Ershad Coaching methodology facilitates the self-guidance of people who wish to work actively towards a positive intention for the future. This methodology brings together the performance enhancement capability ofcoaching with the principles and values of Middle Eastern culture.

The Ershad Coaching Framework is made up of three components:

  1. The Partnership Conditions: to establish a sense of mutual trust and respect
  2. The Conversational Process: where the facilitator demonstrates their coaching skills and way of being which, in Ershad Coaching, is characterised by patience, humanity, humility and positivity. There are four phases of the Conversational Process:
    Discovery – Intention – Pathways - Efforts
  3. The Alignment Wheel: at the very heart of the Ershad Coaching Framework is the Alignment Wheel. Its purpose is to support learners to make choices and decisions that are aligned with their own beliefs and values. Learners can reflect on how a decision might affect their relationship with their belief, their self, the universe and the important people in their lives. The primary role of the Alignment Wheel is to support the learner to select the pathway that is the most appropriate one to follow, to ensure that the learner’s intention is consistent with their identity as a Muslim and the important relationships in their life.


The purpose of this programme is to enable you to:

  • Understand the Ershad coaching model
  • Recognise the links between the Ershad model and your existing practice as a leader or a coach
  • Understand a selection of tools and techniques which can be used consistently within the model
  • Be able to apply the model in a coaching conversation

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to describe the Ershad model
  • Develop an understanding of the Ershad model and its application in practice
  • Experience using the Ershad model in a structured coaching conversation
  • Understand the tools in a wider psychological context. Connect with your own current practice as a coach
  • Develop a wider set of coaching tools, building on existing understanding and experience

The Henley Experience

Helping you become exceptional is at the heart of everything we do. The Henley Experience is highly practical, collaborative and academically rigorous. We develop confident leaders and professionals who are able to take a fresh perspective and have the energy, capability and resilience to ensure that they and their organisations are successful.


  • Engagement
  • Awareness
  • Alignment
  • Rigour & relevance
  • Trust

The Henley Experience is much more than a set of principles. It is ingrained in our spirit and fundamental to our purpose and heritage, characterising the way we can help you to deliver exceptional performance.


We engage with you at the deepest level, fostering a shared spirit of curiosity, exploration, investigation and learning. We collaborate with you in order to challenge assumptions and mindsets, and get to the heart of the real business issues you face.


By creating a safe environment that promotes self-reflection, you are able to ask yourself those crucial questions that allow you to learn more about what informs your strategic business decisions and actions.


We work closely with you to diagnose your strategic individual and organisational aims. We then identify programmes that are best aligned to these goals, or we can co-evolve a learning design specifically aimed at achieving these strategic outcomes.


We draw on world-class research and originate leading-edge thinking – but theory remains theory unless it is applied to real-world business. All of our programmes are delivered by experienced faculty who integrate academic rigour with commercial application. What you learn translates into business results.


Our customers rely on our long history and global reputation for successful executive development. These strengths underlie our responsible and collaborative way of working with you to co-create the very best executive learning experiences and commercial outcomes.

At Henley we know we cannot just be exceptional – we are here to help you become exceptional.

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  • Raja'a Allaho

    Programme Director

  • Denis Sartain

    Executive Fellow & Associate Faculty on MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change / Professional Certificate in Coaching

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