Hedge Fund Programme

Key facts

Programme fee:

Hong Kong: HK$ 80,000
Singapore: SG$ 14,000
Tokyo: JPY 950,000

Fees include all teaching materials and monthly networking events.

Programme length:

12 days of workshops in six months (one weekend per month). Workshops take place in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo over different dates.

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Programme Overview

The Hedge Fund Programme has been designed to help build the expertise of the next generation of hedge fund managers and counterparties. Over 6 weekends in 6 months you will be taught through a blend of workshops, online study and group work to gain practical experience of the hedge fund industry. Thomson Reuters news, data, and analytics system, Eikon, is available for participants throughout the programme and provides a live learning environment.

This programme is run by Inflection Point Intelligence Limited in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo in collaboration with Henley Business School.

Who is it for?

Individuals with a good undergraduate degree and a minimum of 3 years’ experience in financial services. Typical participants include hedge fund employees, professional investors, career movers (from sell side to buy side), banking professionals, lawyers and IT providers.

A holistic approach

Our hedge fund programme will make you stand out. Other programmes cover just one area such as portfolio management but this programme will give you invaluable insight into the Hedge Fund business as a whole, from set-up to management.

A diverse network

You will mix with leading industry players and develop strong networks. In addition to time spent in workshops and group learning, monthly networking cocktails provide opportunities to build your contacts and learn from your peers.

Top industry professionals

All our tutors and speakers are leading Hedge Fund professionals so you will learn from first-hand experience and the latest market insights. Mentors experienced in hedge fund management and operation will also guide you throughout the learning journey. Previous mentors in Hong Kong include Nine Masts Capital, Turiya Advisors, CQS, Accudo and Guard Capital.



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Approximately 10 hours home study per module. Extra content is available for those participants who want to explore a particular module in more depth.


You will undertake a final group project which simulates setting up a hedge fund management company and present to a panel of industry experts. Previous panellists include Heide Blunt of AIMA, Jo Murphy of CAIA, Chris Jenkins of Tora and Henri Arslanian of APrivacy. Throughout the programme your progress will also be tracked through module tests. Participants are expected to pass each module in order to move onto the next stage. On completion of all elements participants receive a certificate of completion.

To find out more and apply contact lisa.so@ipihk.com or visit http://henley.asia/ 


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Case studies

"The calibre of the industry speakers, mentors and partners is top notch. They shared their first-hand experience and the latest market insights. The final group project gives me practical and hands on experience in setting up a Hedge Fund.”
Stephen Nolan, Operations, BFAM Partners

“Having been working in the Hedge Fund industry as a service provider, the Henley Program allows me to widen my exposure and knowledge of the Hedge Fund space, and provide better advice to my client with more in-depth understanding of their needs.”
Joe Cheung, Vice President, BNP Paribas Securities Services

“The quality of teaching and peer groups is great with a plenty of networking opportunities.”
Chris Chan, Senior Manager Business Development and Asset Management, The Creations Group

 “Based in Singapore, I flew into HK for 6 months to be part of the first batch. I’m very pleased to hear Henley will bring it to Singapore and Tokyo this year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the most talented practitioners in the industry, to broaden your network and to know your customers better.”
Nish Nawalage, Director Pre/Post Sales – APAC Trading Solutions, Interactive Data

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For any questions and to apply please contact Lisa So, Inflection Point Intelligence by email at lisa.so@ipihk.com .