The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Programme

Programme Overview

Programme fee:

We offer two payment options:

Option 1

Single payment for the full programme – £2,500 + VAT*

Option 2

Individual modules may be purchased separately for £149 + VAT* each.

* for non-UK prices and taxes payable, please email

Programme delivery:

The Programme is 100% online - it runs continuously year-round, with no start dates and no mandatory scheduled online activity.

Online work is supplemented with networking events throughout the year in major cities.


The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Programme is run by Inflection Point Intelligence Limited in collaboration with Henley Business School.

Programme Overview

The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Programme helps build the expertise of the next generation of Hedge Fund managers and their industry counter-parties.

It provides participants:

  • A unique opportunity to combine a full-time career with a world-class course leading to the award of the Henley Certificate in Hedge Fund Management
  • Invaluable insight into the Hedge Fund industry taught by leading industry practitioners
  • A holistic, real-practice understanding of Hedge Funds from set up to management
  • Unprecedented networking opportunities with mentors and other leading professionals in the fund industry

The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Programme is an online course, featuring

  • 17 core curriculum lectures by industry professionals which can be watched in the students’ own time and at their own pace
  • online knowledge checks to test understanding
  • regular elective webinar speaker sessions (recorded for later access if required)
  • networking events throughout the year in major cities.

The emphasis is on learning from experienced professionals and networking with members of the hedge fund industry.

Who will benefit from the Executive Hedge Fund Programme?

  • Hedge Fund professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge
  • Individuals looking to start a Hedge Fund
  • Career movers including those interested in moving from the sell side to the buy side
  • Service providers e.g. Banking, Risk, Compliance and IT professionals, Lawyers, Fund Administrators

With 200 alumni globally and over 75 industry professionals involved in teaching and mentoring the classes, the Executive Hedge Fund Programme offers unique networking opportunities and industry insights for participants.

Programme Structure

17 modules:


Misha Graboi

Philip Tye

Stefan Nilsson

Richard van Horne

John Inamine

Vince Turcotte

Chanel Fu & Kevin Ling

Rory Kennedy

Lance Fithian

Ashish Patel

Paul Moloney

James Gaden


Alan Leigh

Derek McGibney

Philip Tye

Elspeth Renshaw

Steve Bernstein

Module Subject

Overview of the Hedge Funds Industry

Structuring & Set-up

Capital Raising and Investor Relations

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Risk Management

Markets & Trading

Prime Brokerage Services

Business Management & Fund Administration

Operations & Technology

Operational Risk Management & ODD

Legal - Onshore

Legal - Offshore

Tax, Audit & Accounting




The Human Factor

Pitch Book Formation

Case studies

Watch an in-depth case study with participants currently on the programme.

"While exploring my next career challenge, curious about how hedge fund clients operate their business after over 10 years working on the service provider side, I took the course. I’ve not just gained a holistic hands-on real-practice understanding of hedge funds from setup to management, but also met amazing people in the industry. The program provides networking opportunities to connect with global alumni and instructors, very fortunate to be part of it!"
Michelle Liu, AVP at State Street

"I joined the program to better understand the needs, challenges and requirements faced by fund managers in a fast moving and ever changing alternative asset industry. The insights from leading specialists and experts gathered by the program were very valuable, providing both theoretical but also real life experiences. We were also able to forge meaningful relationships with other fellow students, by sharing each other’s views and exposure from different backgrounds."
Patrice Lo, Director at SS&C GlobeOp

"I took this program to understand the diverse spectrum of the hedge fund industry and to get a deeper understanding of the various stakeholders’ roles within this multi-faceted ecosystem. I have benefited greatly from the rich content of the course and expanded my network in the industry. The course has broadened my overall perspective in this domain which i intend to leverage in the future."
Kasturi Majumdar, Vice President at Maples Group

"As an IT professional becoming more involved in the business side of Hedge Funds, this course was extremely valuable. The modules on every aspect of a Hedge Fund (including IT) were tremendous. You also have access to industry leaders not only in a teaching setting, but in social situations giving you access to their wisdom in an amazing way. I am very grateful Henley provided this opportunity."
Thomas Shay, vCTO at Edge Technology Group

Why Henley?

Henley’s Executive Education programmes blend academic rigour with a strong practical focus and we are recognised for the strength of our networks.

Here are some testimonials from our students on how the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Programme upholds our principles:

Academic Rigour with a Strong Practical Focus

"It was a steep learning curve covering all facets of the HF ecosystem with emphasis on risk, compliance, technology and operations."

"Information was provided by industry experts and easily transferrable into any area of Finance. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in this area."

"The class gave me a practical overview on each function of the Hedge Fund business across strategies."

"The program is truly market-oriented and delivers practical knowledge. I have to say this is the strength of this unique program.”

"The program provided expert explanations in each key area by seasoned professionals with real life experiences - the people who live and breathe hedge funds daily"

Strong Networks

"I benefited from excellent guest speakers and built wonderful long-term relationships."

"This course puts all the pieces of the hedge fund puzzle together in a clean and concise way, while giving students the opportunity to interact with professionals from around the industry."

And to sum it all up:

"A great programme which provided a thorough look into all elements of a hedge fund, with great real life examples provided by seasoned industry experts. Great for both the knowledge and network I gained from this course!"

Offers & Discounts


Lisa So
Inflection Point Intelligence

The Henley Experience

Helping you become exceptional is at the heart of everything we do. The Henley Experience is highly practical, collaborative and academically rigorous. We develop confident leaders and professionals who are able to take a fresh perspective and have the energy, capability and resilience to ensure that they and their organisations are successful.


  • Engagement
  • Awareness
  • Alignment
  • Rigour & relevance
  • Trust

The Henley Experience is much more than a set of principles. It is ingrained in our spirit and fundamental to our purpose and heritage, characterising the way we can help you to deliver exceptional performance.


We engage with you at the deepest level, fostering a shared spirit of curiosity, exploration, investigation and learning. We collaborate with you in order to challenge assumptions and mindsets, and get to the heart of the real business issues you face.


By creating a safe environment that promotes self-reflection, you are able to ask yourself those crucial questions that allow you to learn more about what informs your strategic business decisions and actions.


We work closely with you to diagnose your strategic individual and organisational aims. We then identify programmes that are best aligned to these goals, or we can co-evolve a learning design specifically aimed at achieving these strategic outcomes.


We draw on world-class research and originate leading-edge thinking – but theory remains theory unless it is applied to real-world business. All of our programmes are delivered by experienced faculty who integrate academic rigour with commercial application. What you learn translates into business results.


Our customers rely on our long history and global reputation for successful executive development. These strengths underlie our responsible and collaborative way of working with you to co-create the very best executive learning experiences and commercial outcomes.

At Henley we know we cannot just be exceptional – we are here to help you become exceptional.

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