Customised Solutions - How we co-create with you to generate value

Effective and Impactful Customised Programmes designed for ambitious organisations

When a client chooses to work with Henley on a customised programme we aim to:

  • build an honest and long-lasting working relationship
  • provide an expert and objective viewpoint that helps you drive out the key strategic challenges you face and ensure any development programme directly addresses them
  • provide a simple and seamless 'end to end' process from rigorous identification of talent, through to effective development of leadership potential
  • work closely throughout the entire process of design, development, implementation and review to ensure optimum relevance at every stage
  • provide professional learning events with an atmosphere and infrastructure highly conducive to learning
  • develop methods to measure the impact of development activities.

All our programmes, whether custom or open, are highly interactive and based around current business challenges.

Participants are encouraged to become involved in their own development, both as individuals and within teams.

People are given the time, space and permission to think about themselves, their role in the organisation and the organisation's role in the global business.

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