Customised Solutions - Qualification Programmes

Organisations who recognise the need to invest in talent, build their organisational capability and at the same time recognise the individual's aspirations for development, often use qualifications from a world-class business school as a tool for talent development and retention.

Our tailored qualification programmes combine the expertise, innovation and rigour behind our world-ranked MBA, and other postgraduate business qualifications, with the focused and specific needs of the organisation.

Our programmes

  • Add value whilst functional expertise is essential, we also focus on how you can make strong and effective contributions to improving the performance of the organisation, whether you work in marketing or finance, HR or IT.
  • Are flexible we can configure our programmes to service individual and organisational needs. For example, a programme may be funded by the organisation to diploma level but then allow the flexibility for the participant to go on and complete a masters-level qualification.
  • Are practitioner-focus in the programme delivery we integrate academic rigour with business relevance. The learning is built around theories, best practice models and approaches, supported by practitioners with high-level experience in a global commercial context.

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