Our History

Founded in 1946 in response to a unique and previously unidentified need, Henley was the first business school to be established in the UK and is one of the oldest and most respected schools in Europe.  British Management Education began at Henley with the specific purpose of training managers for greater responsibility; Henley has therefore led a transformation in attitudes and education which has taken decades and with an outlook on how business continues to evolve throughout the 21st Century – truly created by business for business.

We are consistently ranked among the world’s top business schools and our Executive Education activities are placed by clients within the top 30 in the world (2015 Financial Times Rankings).

Custom with a difference

Our interest in industry comes first; informing programmes that are relevant and rigorous but not rigid, that are informed by research to generate content, and practitioner led to generate impact. 

With financial stability and ambitious investment provided by the University of Reading leading to the ongoing acquisition of world class faculty who are both approachable and pragmatic.  We translate their experience, knowledge, and expertise into intelligent learning designs and powerful experiences that result in different thinking and behaviours, and creating greater value for our clients.

Built from new

With you as our starting point.  We work with you in partnership to create a bespoke design, to ensure a unique look and feel specific for you, your needs and audiences. 

We remove repetitive content and remain aligned to your strategy, culture and context - linking the classroom, social learning, and your organisation to deliver specific measures of business improvements through sustained behaviour change.

Our location and faculty

Our global reach is through a combination of dedicated offices, strategic partners, and an extensive network resulting from our alumni and our 70 year history of working with international clients.

Executive education programmes are delivered around the world at client premises and other venues as well as at the Henley campuses in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Malaysia.

Many of our faculty are internationally-renowned and widely published in their respective fields.  A large number of our academics draw upon their experiences as leaders and consultants to leading international organisations.

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