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White Papers

White paper - Zero based HR »
David Birchall, Nick Holley and Nick Kemsley. 
A study byThe Centre of HR Excellence at Henley Business School.



Points of view

Brex-ploration – The search for clarity in a post-referendum climate »
Nick Kemsley, The Henley Centre for HR Excellence
A short while ago, the UK voted in an EU referendum and the world as we know it changed a little bit more, but this time very close to home.  The problem is that we don’t yet know how.

HR - a glimpse of the future? »
Nick Kemsley, Co-Director, The Henley Centre for HR Excellence
Over the last decade or so, HR has striven to re-invent itself, spurred on by a number of key models and benchmarks which, over the same period, have become embedded as the central aspiration of HR functions all over the world.

The HR Doctor - Nick Holley »
In this series of tongue-in-cheek articles, first published in Personnel. Today, Nick Holley, Director of the Henley Centre for HR Excellence, takes the role of HR Doctor. Nick diagnoses 10 common diseases suffered by HR professionals and the teams they work in and suggests the remedies needed to restore full health.

How HR can be commercial »
Professor Dominic Swords. Commercial insight is increasingly sought after amongst HR professionals. They face the challenge of facing in two directions at the same time: one way to support and facilitate growth and development in the business...