Henley Challenge 2018

The Next Henley Challenge

Got a good theme idea?
Feeling creative and inspired?

Planning for the next Henley Challenge starts over the summer and we would like to invite you to share your ideas for the theme question / statement.

Speaking at Henley Challenge 2017In case you don’t know, the Henley Challenge is a competition open to all Henley Business School students studying in the UK. As individuals or part of a team, students choose a business area studied at Henley Business School to focus on and present their answer to a chosen theme to an audience of peers and academics.

The team that receives most votes wins prize money to be shared between them and their chosen charities.

We are inviting our students to suggest ideas for the theme. It should…

  • Relate to good business practice and fit Henley’s values
  • Be a stimulating topic, something that will interest competitors and the audience
  • Allow students across all subjects and levels to develop a great argument and presentation
  • Be concise and succinct –a statement or question that leaves scope for varying points of view

The theme for this year’s Challenge was “Social change…business gain: How can your sector or field contribute to creating a better society for all and still meet shareholder demands?”, in 2016 the theme was "Shape the future of business! What impact will your sector or field make in the next 70 years?", and in 2015 students answered the question of "Short-termism: should we kick the habit?"

You could take a look at this year’s presentation videos for inspiration

Please send your ideas to the Henley Challenge team at henleyevents@henley.ac.uk by 23:59 on Friday 9 June.