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Henley Inside: Series 2

Henley Inside: Braving change as a senior leader

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The senior leader development dilemma.

Leadership development for senior leaders is hard. Successful leadership has got them this far, so why change? But a fast-moving business landscape and ever-expanding roles and responsibilities that demand their leadership evolves too.

Change is the only constant. Leaders are increasingly organisational change makers. This leaves senior leaders asking themselves how should I lead change? How can I have difficult conversations? How do others see me and how can I optimise my leadership behaviours for the benefit of my teams and the organisation?

Led by Henley Business School Programme Directors Narendra Laljani (Executive Management Programme) and Dr Robyn Vesey (Advanced Personal Leadership), they will provide you with a taste of our on-programme learning experience. You will also hear first-hand from previous programme participants as they share their experiences of learning with Henley.

Who should attend? Senior leaders, high potential executives and entrepreneurs, and L&D professionals.

Executive Management Programme

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About the Executive Management Programme - Dr Narendra Laljani

Our Executive Management Programme (EMP) is an advanced management and leadership development course. As well as developing your management skills, the course helps you to boost your self-confidence, stretch your thinking and strengthen your performance. It is ideal if you are moving from a functional/operational management role to a position with more responsibility across your organisation.

Delivered by business experts, academics and practitioners, the EMP balances the theory of key advanced management and leadership disciplines with practical application.

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Advanced Personal Leadership Programme

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About Advanced Personal Leadership ProgrammeDr Robyn Vesey

The Advanced Personal Leadership Programme is a tailored and entirely practical course. Taught through group work, real-life leadership challenges and 1:1 coaching, it lets you experiment with new behaviours in a safe and supportive space.

Through direct, real-time feedback you will have the opportunity to see yourself as others see you. This process can act as a catalyst for profound conversations and real personal change, helping to make you a more effective leader.

Working as part of a small, supportive cohort of peers, you will explore your leadership strengths and areas for development. You will come away from the programme with a personal leadership development plan, helping you make an immediate practical impact back in your organisation.

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Henley Inside: The leadership shake-up: reimagining leadership skills

Navigating the new landscape of leadership skills.

Leaders increasingly need new toolsets of skills to succeed. Leadership skill development is no longer a choice, it’s an imperative at all stages of a leader's career. However, time is a limited resource. What will make the step-change transformation needed?

This session will highlight some of the most high-value leadership skills and their potential impact on leadership performance, looking specifically at leaders as coaches and communicating for greater impact and influence.

The session will be led by Henley Business School Programme Directors Rebecca Jones (Leader as Coach) and Peter Nelson (Influence and Impact Programme), who will provide taster sessions of their programmes. You will also hear first-hand from previous programme participants as they share their experience of learning with Henley.

Who should attend? Executives, early-career to senior leaders, and L&D professionals.

Leader as Coach

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About Leader as CoachDr Rebecca Jones

Henley’s Leader as Coach programme is an insightful and practical introduction to coaching. Delivered by experts and experienced practitioners, you will learn how to apply key coaching skills to everyday workplace conversations. Throughout the course you will work in small groups which will provide you with a safe and supportive environment to experiment with new techniques and skills.

Designed to be flexible, you will study online in your own time, committing to four scheduled group sessions and two pre-arranged personal sessions.

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Influence and Impact

Peter Nelson landscape

About Influence and Impact - Peter Nelson

The Influence and Impact programme is designed to improve your skills and build your confidence as a communicator. It is ideal if your role involves influencing others - both inside and outside of your organisation - or if you lead teams or change projects.

Over three days, you will develop your own communication style that you can use in both your professional and personal life. You will sharpen the skills required for successful pitches and negotiations, including how to handle high-pressure situations and strong personalities. You will then return to work with detailed preparation for an upcoming scenario such as a presentation or difficult conversation.

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Henley Inside: Leading with your best self for strategic impact

How to be your best leadership ‘self’ and creating strategy with purpose.

Leaders know that for their teams and their organisation to perform optimally, they must consistently show up as their ‘best’ leadership selves. However, modern leadership is complex and in the age of ‘permacrisis’ the pressure dial has been turned up. So how do leaders harness their strengths more of the time? How do they put purpose at the core to establish and execute new strategy?

This session, led by Programme Directors Dr Suzanne Pollack (The Leadership Programme) and Dr Jeff Callander (The Strategy Programme) will provide you with a flavour of our on-programme learning experience. You will also hear first-hand from previous programme participants as they share their experience of learning with Henley.

Who should attend? Middle to senior leaders. individuals with experience in a leadership role (leading teams, projects or organisations, and L&D professionals).

The Leadership Programme

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About The Leadership ProgrammeDr Suzanne Pollack

The Leadership Programme develops and refines your personal leadership skills, including your ability to handle difficult situations, influence others and build relationships. You will also learn how to increase your mental and physical capacity when working under pressure.

During the first five-day module, you will clarify the key challenges you want to address and the actions you want to take. This is followed by a significant period of application where you will implement and trial new approaches.

In Module 2 you will reconvene to review what you have learned and reflect on how best to stretch your learning and development goals further, after which the learning and development journey continues.

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The Strategy Programme

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About The Strategy ProgrammeDr Jeff Callander

The Strategy Programme helps you kick-start the strategic review process in your organisation. It focuses on specific issues in your organisation and gives you the tools to create and implement strategies that address them.

At Henley, strategy is seen as an essential leadership tool rather than just a thinking process. While theory is a major part of the agenda, this is not at the expense of practical learning - which is delivered through workshops, strategy critique activities and group discussion. A follow-up day gives you the opportunity to check progress and maintain momentum while implementing your strategy.

You will be encouraged to think about strategy in the long-term, while making sure you remain agile in a competitive business environment.

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