Student Enterprise 2011- 2012 cohort judged excellent

2 April 2012

Student Enterprise 2011- 2012 cohort judged excellent

Three groups in the Centre's Student Enterprise module have been awarded prizes in recognition of the success with which they have run their mini-ventures. The students from a range of disciplines...


Three groups in the Centre's Student Enterprise module have been awarded prizes in recognition of the success with which they have run their mini-ventures. The students from a range of disciplines across the University ran small group businesses as part of their module assessment. The mini-venture project aims to teach students how to apply standard business practices including running committee meetings, planning, and evaluation and how to employ functional concepts in marketing, human resources and finance.

Student ventures this year included running a storage service, selling Christmas trees, running a ticket website, producing exclusive branded clothing. The students presented their ventures to four judges, Ganesh Selvarajah, an experienced senior manager and business development advisor; John Owen, Senior IT Manager, Microsoft; Ryan Williams, Senior Consultant, Deloitte; Davin MacAnaney, an experienced start-up entrepreneur and commercial manager currently completing an MBA at Henley Business School. Davin observed: 'Overall the standard was excellent and some of the presentations would certainly give the MBA students a run for their money'.

Ryan Williams also echoed this: 'Having been a judge for almost two years, it is great to see the number of students taking this excellent module is increasing. Scenarios that involve presentations occur on a daily basis in the workplace and this module gives an excellent environment for students and potential business men and women of the future to practice and hone their skills. Some of the ideas have been exceedingly creative, with some having very realistic commercial potential.'

The winning groups were judged to be:

Bundled - supplying themed boxed packages for students

Monabil Ali, Sophie Dott, Elizabeth Hare, Rhys Jennings, Todd Spiers, Rosanna Watts and 'Best Presenter' Lucy McWhan.

Season's Greetings - supplying Christmas dressing up accessories

James Arnold, Katie-Jayne Hammond, Tanya Hristova, Sukhraj Sumal, Tsveta Tsanova and 'Best Presenter' Khia MacKenzie Faulkner

Unity - supplying wristbands

Thomas Atwell, Oliver Biddulph, Emily Griffin, Vikram Sathyanarayana, Robin Skidmore, Emily White and 'Best Presenter' Victoria Wicks.

Ganesh Selvarajah commented: "It is very encouraging to see the next generation of entrepreneurs testing their capabilities and developing the skills required to run a business. The quality of the plans and the presentations has been improving year after year, demonstrating the high quality of the staff in developing the students."

John Owen added: "It was a pleasure to hear and see the students present the results of their endeavours. They had all obviously put a lot of thought and planning into setting up their enterprise and although not all were a financial success, the lessons learnt will be valuable for the future. The quality of the presentations was also generally high with most of the presenters apparently totally comfortable presenting to a large audience of their peers, a judging panel and a video camera, a skill which is becoming more and more relevant in today's business."

The next module of Student Enterprise is due to start in October 2012 and is expected to attract a record number of students. Dr Jess Co, convenor of the Student Enterprise module explained:        'The students really value hearing feedback from our judges many of whom have experience of running their own business, or advising small businesses, in addition to experience of working in the corporate environment. We value their support of this module, which provides students with skills that can be used in their own business, the SME sector or the corporate environment. I'm pleased this year's students did so well in their presentations and their business ideas overall.'