25 Years of Henley Germany

20 February 2014

25 Years of Henley Germany

From Germany's first MBA in the 80s to today's expansion into Eastern Europe, Felix Müller charts Henley Germany's history.

Germany in 1989: while the unrest in East Germany came to a head with the fall of the Berlin Wall, another, albeit much smaller, revolution happened led by Henley Management College.

When Henley started to offer an MBA programme, it was the first business school in Germany to do so. At a time when the traditional higher education model in Germany consisted of ‘Diploma’ studies and returning to university was rare, Henley dared to offer a postgraduate degree targeted at experienced professionals with, on average, ten years of work experience and substantial management experience.

This novelty was introduced into the German market in partnership with GFW, a spin-off of the University of the Armed Forces in Munich. The offer soon proved to be compelling and intake numbers grew substantially. In the late nineties, when German universities were allowed to offer the MBA and other postgraduate degrees, many new offerings entered the market, making the concept of the MBA more visible. This led to Henley offering MBA programmes in Düsseldorf and also in partnership with Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft (HfB) in Frankfurt.

Considering Germany’s importance as an economic powerhouse and the Business School’s excellent track record in the country, Henley decided to fully establish itself in the market and in 2011 established Henley Business School GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary with offices in Frankfurt and Munich.

Today, as we celebrate 25 years in Germany, Henley is still one of the leading business schools in the country and one of only two holding triple accreditation. It offers the Flexible Executive MBA programme in Munich and Frankfurt and enjoys growing student numbers. Furthermore, it develops and delivers in-house Executive Education programmes for leading companies such as Deutsche Telekom and the typical German Mittelstand (SME) company KAEFER Insulation Technologies.

Even more importantly, with 1,600 alumni Henley has one of the largest alumni groups in Germany, allowing Henley alumni from all over the world to benefit from direct access to one of the strongest economies in the world. So, if you need market information for your next project, are coming to Germany on secondment or want to look at work options in Germany, your fellow German alumni – who are employed in a variety of interesting positions in a range of industries - will be a precious resource.

For the next 25 years, Henley Germany aims to grow its activities in Eastern and Central Europe and add more programmes to its range, making the student and alumni body even more diverse.

Who knows what kind of revolution we might be part of next…

Felix Müller
Managing Director
Henley Business School GmbH

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