European Commission and Henley Business School show the way on e-Leadership education

10 July 2014

European Commission and Henley Business School show the way on e-Leadership education

Henley Business School hosts European Commission Regional Cluster Event - 3 June 2014. One of a total of 10 events organised by the European Commission in cities across the entire European Union.

Despite growing demand across Europe to improve the quality of e-Leadership, research has shown that there is still a significant shortage of e-Leadership skills. This is the driver for a European Commission e-Leadership initiative that focuses on the needs of top decision-makers and professional leaders at larger enterprises. The initiative promotes strong collaboration between demand and supply stakeholders to create new e-Leadership educational offers.

This initiative resonates strongly with Henley Business School. In the words of Steve Ludlow, Head of Executive Education: ‘The issue of e-Leadership is one that we actively address, given that it reinforces so many aspects of Henley’s heritage of leadership development, change management and innovation through technology. We put enormous value on our collaborations with a range of academic, commercial and community partners, to create the e-Leaders we need, across Europe and global markets.’

Setting the scene for the Henley event

03 June 2014 - Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus

Organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry and Henley Business School in conjunction with sponsors BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT and EuroCIO, this was one of 10 regional events across Europe aimed at:

  • informing and engaging with stakeholders keen to promote innovation through e-Leadership
  • communicating the e-Leadership education and quality approach through ‘curriculum profiles’
  • providing insights and lessons from e-Leadership development in practice

Event chairman, Professor Sharm Manwani introduced the event to a packed audience of educationalists, industry leaders, professionals and other stakeholders, explaining that the event would explore the ‘why, what and how of e-Leadership’. He stressed the importance of integrating the strands of IT, business innovation and leadership skills to deliver successful e-Leadership. By doing so, value can be added and organisations transformed.

The Dean of Henley Business School, Professor John Board then highlighted the need to create stakeholder value, and restated Henley’s sustained commitment to e-Leadership.

Participants had much to say about the event. This feedback and further details of the event can be found within the Event Review.

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