Investing Now – Supporting the Future

20 February 2014

Investing Now – Supporting the Future

How you can affect Henley's future through the Henley Alumni Fund.


For the thousands of people who pass through Henley Business School, the strong business education they receive here has a knock-on effect far beyond these walls. Through the practical application of the theories studied in the syndicate rooms and lecture theatres at Greenlands and Whiteknights, Henley alumni influence business and government, and strengthen industries and societies across the globe. This positive influence is a significant force and makes Henley a business school to be proud of.

Henley Business School, like other educational institutions and charities, does not make a profit. Any surplus funds are reinvested in order to continually improve research and teaching. This investment benefits not only our future students and programme members by improving facilities, providing access to cutting-edge resources and allowing us to recruit outstanding teaching faculty, but also supports a wide range of academic research, which is far reaching in its influence and relevance.

This investment also affects you. As alumni you are linked to Henley, and thereby the wider University, not just through the practical knowledge you gained while studying here, but also as a result of the strength of the brand on your CV and through the impressive network of over 60,000 alumni across the world.

When Henley succeeds, so do you.

As an alumnus you can invest in Henley by becoming a Friend or Pioneer and supporting the Henley Alumni Fund and, therefore, in turn influence and increase the provision of sound business education.

The Henley Alumni Fund was founded in 2010 to support business education by helping those students who can demonstrate the positive impact their education will have in communities and sectors that need it, and those students who face unexpected financial hardship, as well as by increasing diversity in the classroom.

Alumnus Richard Boocock became one of the first supporters of the Henley Alumni Fund to show his appreciation for the positive influence the MBA had on his subsequent career and to enable others to gain from the Henley experience.

In order for Henley to continue to excel in its academic research, support current and future students, maintain important historical and functionally outstanding facilities and constantly improve, it needs the support of its alumni.

All funds raised are directed towards initiatives that make a difference.

If you feel that you can give a one-off or regular gift to Henley, please show your support now and become a valued donor.

Donors are recognised appropriately for their support and kept informed of how their gifts are making a difference through events and newsletters. To find out more about recognition levels please visit Henley Pioneers.

Sarah Lloyd-Powell
Senior Development Manager


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