Launch of the Henley Leadership Challenge

19 November 2014

Launch of the Henley Leadership Challenge

The Henley Leadership challenge, organised by the Henley Forum, together with the Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership starts on Weds, 19 November. The challenge is a series of workshops, webinars and a conference in February 2015 and will explore the latest knowledge leadership thinking.

Convincing leadership to get involved in organisational learning and knowledge initiatives is a challenge. Having organisations that grow the value of knowledge is vital for the health of our economy. Leaders play a key role in making this happen.

From now until our annual conference in February, The Henley Forum, in partnership with the Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership, will be concentrating on different aspects of this knowledge leadership challenge. We have crafted a series of events to help people explore the business case for knowledge oriented leadership as well as provide ideas about what they can do to increase the return on knowledge and learning for the organisation. The attached brochure offers an overview of the whole series of events in one document. Sessions summaries and speakers biographies for the conference can be found here.

Pursuing a consistent theme over several events indicates how important we think the issue of knowledge leadership is for all organisations, We are offering these events, both as a package and as individually priced activities, to leaders in all organisations. Anyone who participates in one or more of the Challenge activities, will then be invited to pool their collective intelligence and continue working on developing and embedding what they have learned in their own organisations. The nature of this project will be jointly defined with interested parties in March.