REP's "Dogs for the Disabled" Dog Graduates!

8 August 2014

REP's "Dogs for the Disabled" Dog Graduates!

Real Estate & Planning’s latest "Dogs for the Disabled" dog has completed his training and been matched to a child with autism.

Thanks to many months of specialist training from Dogs for the Disabled and REP's ongoing support, assistance dog Zander is now ready to go out and start his working life.

Zander's "end of term report" really demonstrates what a great job these dogs do and so we have copied the text below:

"Zander has been matched to a little boy called Bill who is six and is on the autistic spectrum.  His mum Diana recently spent a week with us at the centre working with Kelly, our very experienced autism instructor.  Diana was taught how to instruct Zander and the specific commands to use when she needs him to do something. 

Zander will accompany the family when they go out and he will wear a special harness which has a lead that connects him to Bill. This will mean that Bill is no longer able to run off or dash out into the road - his mum's worst nightmare! Not only will this make Bill safer when they go out but it will also take the stress out of trips to the supermarket or into town, as Diana will no longer have to keep a constant eye on her son.

Bill has already found a real friend in Zander. He loves nothing more than taking one of  Zander's toys and hiding it somewhere in the house. As soon as Bill returns no toy in hand, Zander shoots off to find it with Baylyn at his side.

Helping with Bill' s safety when they go out or helping to keep him calm in new, potentially stressful, situations are just some of the benefits that Zander brings Diana and the family. For young Bill, he only knows that he now has the best friend he has ever had - Zander will be an unwavering companion to Bill and will love him unconditionally.

You have been with us following Zander from an eight week old puppy to now, where he is a qualified assistance dog already changing the life of the little boy he has been trained to help.

Their life together is just starting and it's your support that's enabled this to happen. I do hope that you have enjoyed following Zander on his journey. 

Thank you for supporting Dogs for the Disabled."

We will be starting our sponsorship of a new puppy soon and will keep you updated on Facebook.


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