Second Speakers Panel at Henley Business School 24 November 2014

28 November 2014

Second Speakers Panel at Henley Business School 24 November 2014

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship in partnership with the Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub and Santander Bank host a 'Second successful Speakers’ Panel at Henley Business School on 24 November 2014

Supported and sponsored by the Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub and Santander the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship staged the ‘Developing a Successful Sales Strategy and Winning at Customer Development’ Speakers’ Panel at Henley Business School on Monday 24 November 2014.

Attended by over 100 delegates including SMEs, Masters students and guests the speakers provided some revealing insights into their sales strategies and how these are driving business growth.

Jurek Sikorski, Business Development Lead at Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship and former Sales & Marketing Director at several SMEs and a FTSE 100 company opened the session and spoke about ‘how to create a great sales strategy’ using the eight building blocks and sales strategy canvas. Sharing the example of LendMeYourLiteracy, a rapidly growing education platform based business of 15 employees, Jurek highlighted the importance of the sales strategy and why every SME must have a sales strategy if it is to grow.  

Helen Gammons, co-owner of Rotolight and Programme Director at Henley Business School (pictured) introduced the speakers Andy Mead, MD at Firefly Solar, Austin Bailey, Founder and MD at Lacka Foods, Mark Fieldhouse, VP Global Markets at Fairsail and Paul Bradford, CEO at Southern Communications who shared their strategy for growing sales. Although the selling processes and experiences were different and uniquely compelling there were three common threads. First the importance of having a strong sales value proposition for the customer, second continuous training for customer facing employees should be at the heart of the sales strategy and finally it is essential to have reward systems for employees who provide customers with ‘excellent service’.    

A live on-line poll of the audience revealed that there is real interest among SMEs to work with Henley Business School in developing aspects of their sales strategy with over 70% interested in sales value proposition development, route to market selection and selling process development.  

Some very positive feedback was received from SMEs attending the event:

‘Another valuable session and learning opportunity provided by the Henley Business School’ Jonathan Haskell, Commercial Director BodyFire Ltd

‘Excellent event that gave me a lot of useful information’ Carolyn Lewis, MD Elearning Marketplace Ltd

‘A terrific event filled with speakers who have ridden the ‘sales’ pony. Thank you!’ Mike Howell MD 4Sight Management Ltd

The speakers’ panel is the second of four speakers’ panels that address topics identified by the SME Forum held on 24 June 2014. The two remaining Speakers’ Panels are ‘Boosting Business Performance with a Knowledge Transfer partnership’ (16 February 2015), ‘Successfully Hiring and Developing Staff’ (25 March 2015).

The UoR is committed to work with the SME community in the Thames Valley Region for mutual benefit.

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Jurek Sikorski

Business Development Lead & Executive in Residence, Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

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