‘Winning at Customer Development’ Sales Workshop

18 November 2014

‘Winning at Customer Development’ Sales Workshop

We are pleased to announce the ‘Winning at Customer Development’ Sales Workshop which is to be held on Monday 15 December 2014 at Reading Business Centre, Fountain House, Reading starting at 17.30.

The ‘Winning at Customer Development’ Sales Workshop which is delivered by the Henley Business School and supported by the Business Growth Hub and Santander offers SMEs a practical one day session on selling and how to win, retain and develop customers.

The ability to sell is arguably the most important skill in business. If you cannot sell, do not think that you will succeed in business. Selling features in everything we do in life. Whether you are persuading your colleague about your great idea for a new product or service or the customer to subscribe to your company's on line service, being able to sell will help you succeed. Success comes when you make a sale.

For an SME selling is what makes the difference as does having a sales strategy that defines how selling activities are to be organised (the topic of a Speakers’ Panel scheduled to be held on 24 November 2014).

Importantly selling skills can be learnt and are essential skills for SME customer facing staff to have.

The workshop will help participants raise their understanding of selling, provide techniques of ‘how to sell’ and explain the selling process from prospecting to pitching to overcoming objections and closing a sale and also enable participants to prepare and deliver a powerful USP for the SME’s product or service.

The workshop which will include practical exercises will be delivered by Jurek Sikorski, Entrepreneur and Business Development Lead and Stuart Morris, Entrepreneur and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School.

The programme for the Sales Workshop is:

Part 1: What is customer development?

Part 2: Customer Orientation

Part 3: Developing the ‘sales value proposition’

Part 4: The selling process and developing the essential selling skills

The workshop is a full day event which combines lecture style delivery and practical exercises throughout the day to heighten learning and understand of selling and its critical role in winning and retaining customers.

The event is for customer facing staff of SMEs who deal with customers from day to day that includes senior members of the management team who have limited sales experience, account managers and customer development staff.

Henley Business School expects that the Sales Workshop will help make a difference to SMEs in their pursuit of growth and demonstrate that collaboration with the University of Reading can have a transformative effect on SMEs.


The University of Reading is committed to work with the SME community in the Thames Valley Region for mutual benefit.    


In partnership with:

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP Business Growth Hub

 Thames Valley Berkshire LEP Business Growth Hub





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