70th Anniversary of Henley Business School

30 July 2015

70th Anniversary of Henley Business School

This year is Henley's 70th anniversary. Find out how alumni can get involved with our planned celebrations.

By now, alumni are probably aware that this year is Henley’s 70th anniversary. Founded in 1945, the then named ‘Administrative Staff College’ was established to support the UK’s post-war economic rebuilding plan and improve the quality of UK management. The Business School continues today to empower individuals to become great professionals and outstanding business leaders

Henley has grown to become an institution with over 68,000 alumni in 154 countries, and offices and campuses around the world. During the seven decades, we have achieved much including: championing syndicated learning, developing a distance learning offering in the 1980s, launching the DBA in 1992, creating 20 research centres and knowledge hubs, being awarded triple-accreditation, and combining our strengths as an established leader in management education with the highly respected educational provision of the University of Reading.

Marking the 70 years is an important celebration of the school, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the impact we have collectively made on the international business landscape. Whilst the official founding date was in October 1945, we have already begun promoting the anniversary and will continue to do so into the new academic and calendar year.

We are planning a number of events and activities to mark this special milestone, including, PR activities, platinum scholarships, and special events, including a celebratory dinner for alumni on Saturday 21 May 2016 – make sure you save the date!

Our Online Hub is another exciting project that will be launched shortly. Many have already contributed to the Hub, but for those who haven’t yet, it is a unique digital environment which will showcase the thoughts, photos, films and predictions of our alumni, students, staff and faculty, and the wider community – we hope more alumni will add their comments, they can do so either using the link below, or emailing their reflections and photos/films to the 70th Anniversary Team at Henley. 

Henley Alumni Survey:

Although looking back is important, to learn from the past and remember what makes us uniquely ‘Henley’, our focus is firmly fixed on the future and how our strengths and successes will ensure we continue to innovate and succeed. We look forward to helping shape the future of business together with our alumni for the next 70 years and beyond.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni & Development Team by email at alumni@henley.ac.uk or by phone on +44 (0)1491 418 843.