Adeyinka Adewale, PhD student in HBS is joint winner of Reading Researcher of the Year Award 2015

26 June 2015

Adeyinka Adewale, PhD student in HBS is joint winner of Reading Researcher of the Year Award 2015

Adeyinka Adewale, PhD student at Henley Business School is joint winner of Reading Researcher of the Year Award 2015

Adeyinka Adewale PhD student in Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour has won jointly with Graeme Marlton from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences the award of Reading PhD Researcher of the Year 2015. Adeyinka was presented with his certificate and £250 by the Vice Chancellor Sir David Bell on Thursday 18th June at the Graduate School Doctoral Conference where he gave a talk on his research: The Interaction between Individual Moral Identity and Organisational Bureaucratic Contexts in Explaining Moral Behaviour. Sir David joked that when he heard the findings from Adeyinka’s research showing that leaders of organisations were often the most immoral in their behaviour he was a little concerned at being asked to present the awards!                                  

The Graduate School PhD Researcher of the Year Award has been set up to celebrate excellence in postgraduate research and awarded annually to an outstanding PhD student. Eligibility for the award is based on a list of criteria for third year full-time students or fourth/fifth year part-time students who are studying for a PhD at the time of the call. Candidates must have demonstrated academic excellence, shown good progress and be on track to complete in good time, be able to communicate research clearly to a non-specialist academic audience and demonstrate potential to be successful in their future career. In addition, candidates should also show evidence of some of the following:

  • Has published one or two outputs
  • Has presented at one or more external meetings
  • Has engaged with wider audiences
  • Has contributed to the School and/or wider University

School nominations were judged at Faculty level in order to select a winner for each Faculty and Adeyinka competed against three other Faculty nominations. The four shortlisted candidates were asked to write a 150-200 word abstract about their research (that would be suitable for a non-specialist academic audience). The winner was selected on the basis of the abstract and information provided by the School nomination forms.

Adeyinka came to Henley Business School from Nigeria where he studied Estate Management, in 2010 to do an MSc in International Management. He was awarded a distinction and made a notable impression with his dissertation (also awarded a distinction) on moral development in business managers. During his masters course Adeyinka created a documentary involving students from 39 countries on their Henley experience. The video gained popularity on YouTube as an insightful video on life at Reading for which he won the award of Best Contribution to Student Life by Henley Business School. Adeyinka was additionally honoured at the students' community award for recognised active engagement with youth within the Reading community working with different charities. One of the charities in question brought to the school's attention that Adeyinka had provided over three years of weekly service to their youth as an inspirational role model.

Adeyinka was awarded a studentship to study for a PhD in the School of Leadership, Organisation and Behaviour in 2012. As part of his studentship obligations he has made a great contribution to the teaching in the department where he has conducted tutorials and taught at undergraduate and masters level. He has been a teaching assistant on modules in Human Resource Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Organisational Behaviour as well as undertaking his share of marking and assessment work. He also contributed to the running of an Interdisciplinary Symposium on “Business Ethics: the Challenges of Capitalism for the Common Good” where he coordinated the running of the day’s events. Adeyinka has also provided academic mentorship to students with disability as well as to several other students within the Business School whom he has connected with over the past three years.

Since starting his PhD Adeyinka founded the first ever Nigerian Students' Society at the University of Reading - a platform that has united Nigerian students on campus to enhance their Reading experience and to promote a culture of excellence and scholarship. The society now has over 150 registered members and is in its 3rd year. It is also a 'pull factor' for Nigerian students to this University. Adeyinka was the first president and has trained young leaders who have been driving the vision since he left office. In addition Adeyinka was a finalist in the Henley Challenge 2013, where he presented at a TED-styled event to a global audience on Character Integrity and Trust in today's organisations. Adeyinka is also a regular columnist with the Reading Post on Faith and personal development topics. He is currently a reviewer of the Journal of Managerial Psychology and serves as a member of the Think-Tank for the Africa Diaspora Academic Network.

Winning the Reading Researcher of the Year Award is a huge achievement for Adeyinka and will help to promote him in his future career as an academic and scholar.


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