Employer survey yields great results for Henley alumni

30 October 2015

Employer survey yields great results for Henley alumni

Employer survey reveals that Henley students and alumni excel in ethics and sound business practice, confident communication skills and commitment to personal development.

As part of Henley’s continued pursuit of excellence, the Henley Careers team conducted a short employer survey to gather feedback on the attributes that Henley alumni demonstrate to their employers.

We specifically targeted those that either graduated or undertook employment placements in 2013–14. This was done to allow employer feedback on a minimum of at least 12 months in a new job role.

The survey was conducted between April and June 2015 with responses from 92 employers. These employers represented a broad range of industries that employ alumni from a wide variety of degree subjects and levels, from undergraduate through to Masters and MBA. The biggest recruiters of our students were in the IT, technology, engineering, real estate and finance sectors.

We polled employers on eight competencies: critical thinking, team working, appreciation of the global context in which their organisations operate, commitment to personal development, confident communication skills, flexibility to change, knowledge of leading-edge business practice and use of ethics and sound business practice. These competencies often come up in various university rankings and we were keen to get first-hand information from employers on how Henley alumni perform against them.

Overall, employers were very happy with our alumni, with ethics, confident communication skills and commitment to personal development being rated highly. With 100% being a perfect score, our alumni were rated between 79% – 92% for ethics, 85% – 92% for confident communication skills and 75% – 92% for commitment to personal development. The lowest scores were in the areas of commercial awareness (appreciation of the global context in which their organisations operate and knowledge of leading-edge business practice), which were scored 68% – 84% and 69% – 80%, respectively. As one can see, the ratings are still quite high and we are proud to receive such strong feedback about our alumni. Interestingly, when we compared the results from employers with the scores alumni awarded themselves, they revealed that, on average, employers rated their competencies more positively than the alumni did. The differences were only very slight (a few percentage points in some cases), but this data will help us ensure that alumni fully understand and appreciate the attributes and competencies they have upon leaving Henley.

We will not rest on our laurels, however, as we see this as an opportunity to further build on these strengths to ensure that Henley alumni are competitive in the marketplace. In order to do this, we need your help, as Henley alumni, to contribute to these surveys. Your engagement and contribution are key in helping us to continuously develop the academic curriculum. We care about how our alumni are perceived and would strongly encourage you all to participate in any alumni or employer-related surveys that you receive. Your thoughts and opinions matter to us and if you have any questions about how you can assist, please let us know.

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