Professor John Clapp visiting Real Estate & Planning

12 October 2015

Professor John Clapp visiting Real Estate & Planning

Professor John Clapp is visiting REP. He is a Professor of Finance and Real Estate at the University of Connecticut where he teaches real estate markets as a source of cash flows.

The School of Real Estate & Planning welcomes Professor John Clapp who is visiting us from the University of Connecticut's School of Business. John, who is Professor of Finance and Real Estate, teaches real estate markets as a source of cash flows.

His foundational research on valuation has resulted in numerous articles in scholarly journals including The Journal of Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, Regional Science, Economic Journal, The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and the Journal of the American Statistical Association. John analyses valuation fundamentals arising from spatial relationships between supply and demand in local residential and commercial markets.

John's statistical methods for tracking the evolution of property prices over space and time were featured at a meeting of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) in 2008, and subsequently published in the Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration. They have assisted with analysis of the aging of the housing stock, the forces driving development of urban areas, the value of public schools and methods for property tax assessment.

His current research seeks to value the option to redevelop the existing bundle of property characteristics. This work establishes that traditional valuation methods omit variables designed to capture the proportion of value related to redevelopment options.

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