A global campaign for a global school

28 June 2016

A global campaign for a global school

Henley is shaping the future of business globally with the support of our first ever fundraising and volunteering campaign – IMAGINE.

June has seen the University of Reading and Henley Business School launch their first fundraising and volunteer campaign, IMAGINE. The campaign is designed to support projects that boost the University’s ability to contribute vital research to help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, while enhancing its teaching.

Henley Business School will be focusing on projects and opportunities that help us achieve our ambition of ‘shaping the future of business’. Our goals are to discover more about ourselves and the world we live in; to build a stronger and more resilient economy; to enhance social and individual well-being; to deliver 21st century teaching; and to influence policy and practice within the UK and globally. In particular, we are looking to bring business into schools, develop global citizens and to support ethical business and diverse talents.

Since its beginning in 1945, Henley Business School has supported individuals to found new enterprises, turn around struggling companies, create household brands and rise to senior leadership roles in organisations throughout the world. At the heart of the Business School is an approach that equips students with a deeper and broader understanding of what is current, relevant and right in business.

One undeniable change in the world of business since the Business School opened its doors has been the impact of internationalisation and globalisation. As a global business school, we aim to create truly global citizens; every student should have an immersive experience, working or studying abroad and in turn using their skills to help others.

Such experiences include: intensive study trips providing insight into the management challenges of international firms; supported international volunteering activities working with social enterprises; and international summer schools participation, helping to widen students' networks.

Much of this work is only possible through the financial support we receive from our many supporters, which helps to fund bursaries, scholarships and travel grants to help develop these global citizens.

Together, through financial support or donations of time and talent, we can make a profound and positive difference to many lives all over the world.