Centre for Intelligent Places talks about Mining the data within Built Environment

21 October 2016

Centre for Intelligent Places talks about Mining the data within Built Environment

Centre for intelligent places talks about " mining the data on our built environment" to deliver real value - Issue 12 - Sept 2016 Focus Newsletter


An intelligent place can be a business or a single building, a rural village, a neighbourhood or an urban region, and they all face complex challenges. But in all cases, there is real scope to harness our expertise to develop sustainable, data-led, people-focused solutions. That’s the view of Dr Anupam Nanda, the Academic Director of and experience of regional studies, urban planning, economics, finance, business and informatics within the University of Reading and Henley Business School to take a more integrated, holistic approach to solving community and Business issues. ‘We need to think in a more multidisciplinary way’, says Anupam. ‘Towns and cities are in competition with one another in the same way as businesses. The Centre brings together all the relevant subject areas, and we join the dots'.

 Nigel Hartley, the Centre’s Director of Enterprise, believes that the Centre has never been more relevant. ‘The Centre launched last October, 2015, and is already proving to be an invaluable resource within industry and the public sector. We are currently investigating a wide range of urbanisation issues and our work enables communities of interest to make sense of how big data society as a whole. It’s about making important connections and delivering real intelligence across the entire value chain.

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