Roger Gibbard: 40 years with Real Estate & Planning

21 September 2016

Roger Gibbard: 40 years with Real Estate & Planning

Roger Gibbard: Man and Boy

REP's Professor Roger Gibbard realised yesterday that it is forty years since he first arrived with us as an undergraduate student....he reflects on where the years went!

"21st September 1976. Forty years ago exactly. I stepped foot as a fresher into what was then the Department of Land Management and Development. In the URS building, when it was (nearly) new! What began then was a long and fruitful relationship with the University, and with what morphed into Real Estate & Planning and the Business School. Like many students before me, and since, I found the transition into University study and University life quite difficult. I didn’t really know what to expect, having been the first of my family to go to University, and coming from a large comprehensive school where not many pupils made it into higher education. Life was quite different back then – no mobile phones, no email, no blackboard virtual environment. A library full of books, but only a card-based catalogue to help you find your way around them – and some very helpful librarians. No ITS, no RISIS, No Student and Academic Services. I have distinct memories of Concorde flying over every Thursday morning as it headed to Washington, with the ear splitting roar reverberating through the tin roofing of the lego building. Everything stopped. As it did when we had heavy rain, and the roof leaked, even back then.

So looking back over forty years – a few spent in private practice to become a Chartered Surveyor, a few looking after the family farm, but then an increasing involvement with academia over the past 28 years – first as a sessional lecturer, then part time, then looking after Rural Studies, through being Admissions Tutor, Senior Tutor, Programme Director, School DTL, Head of School, Associate Dean, and now Dean of T&L for the University. A really unpredictable, challenging, but fulfilling and enjoyable career. Hopefully with a few years left in me – if I don’t get too out of touch with things. Regrets, yes I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…"

Thanks Roger, here's to the next 40!

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