Called to be BOLD

8 March 2017

Called to be BOLD

Thinking BOLDLY is a great thing. As Robert Frost suggested, "Freedom lies in being bold."

This year's International Women's Day celebration is themed #BeBoldForChange.

Susan Scripture-Shardlow, Executive MBA student at Henley
, talks about why being bold is important and how this approach helped her become the winner of the Henley Challenge 2017.

Thinking BOLDLY is a great thing. As Robert Frost suggested, "Freedom lies in being bold." 

What freedoms lie in Boldness? 

  • Freedom from mediocrity
  • Freedom from boredom
  • Freedom from fear

BOLD is stepping away from the followers.
BOLD is passion. Driving change, finding a better way.
BOLD is strong, risk-taking resilience that finds new directions.
BOLD is not easy. Courage is needed to step away from the crowd, to advocate change or stand up for what you believe in, and sometimes it fails. Painfully. Women are judged harshly by society, and courage is not infinite.

But there are moments...
Those single moments where BOLDNESS pays off and you are truly heard.

Those moments that renew resilience, encourage you to take risks and live by the ancient words: "We are called to be BOLD" (Holy Bible, Joshua 1:9)

Recently, I took a step of courage and entered the Henley Challenge; an annual student competition for Leaders to put forward a BOLD idea. I stood alone on a stage in front of 100 critical guests, presenting a personal conviction – that business should give chances to people it would usually pass over, and focus on those individuals as well as the bottom line. I was worried that I would be considered 'soft' and with no understanding of the true nature of profit-driven business (Dreadful ways to describe an MBA student!).

BOLD paid off.

I am the Henley Challenge Winner 2017. I have been recognised as a BOLD Leader who has stepped away from the crowd with courage and resilience. This moment has been vital for my personal development journey, consolidating and strengthening my self-belief.

I am proud to be a Woman, proud to be a Leader, and proud to be BOLD. I DARE.

I dare to have vision, passion and a drive to succeed. I want to embrace change, shaping my future to show, speak and live my true value.

I have encountered many inspirational Women in Leadership while at Henley, and there is one lesson learnt that I will always try to embody. BOLD must be tempered with compassion, understanding and self-awareness. Without these, bold means nothing more than egotistical aggression. The inspirational women I have been privileged to hear and meet are compassionate, steadfast and undaunted by the male-dominated society we live in.

My advice? Stand up, be a Woman, be a Leader and dare to be BOLD. In the words of Goethe (with my emphasis);

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"


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