Demystifying the Apprenticeship Degree

25 January 2017

Demystifying the Apprenticeship Degree

By Dr Tim Sellick - Executive Director - Degree Apprenticeship Programmes

Dr Tim Sellick demystifies the Apprenticeship Levy and explores its potential opportunities for the Henley Business School.

By Dr Tim Sellick - Executive Director - Degree Apprenticeship Programmes

In April 2017 the Apprenticeship Levy is being introduced as part of a Government initiative to encourage companies to invest in their people development and address the UKs low average productivity when compared to other developed nations.  The Levy is a new payroll tax exacted at 0.5% on institutions whose annual payroll is greater than £3M per tax year and will affect around 22,000 organisations in England and at a time of such uncertainty, driven by political and economic changes, the need to have the best people in your team has never been greater. But change is constant, so ensuring that those people have the most effective, up-to-date tools and techniques is essential.

Organisations which pay into the levy can use that money to develop staff. Employers who pay the levy and those who commit to apprenticeships will also get more out than they pay in as the government will apply a 10% top up and, for a short time during the start-up phase of the scheme, will pay up to 90% of any additional apprenticeship training over and above their levy pot that an organisation may wish to conduct.

Whilst many large organisations will be able to deliver their own apprenticeship training internally – the removal of age restrictions on apprenticeships, and the fact that this development can be delivered to existing staff within an organisation, means that new opportunities will open up at senior levels.  The levy funding will be able to deliver degree apprenticeships at Level 6 (undergraduate) and it is anticipated, in time, that Level 7 (postgraduate) apprenticeship standards will also become available and this provides an ideal conduit for a world class Business School such as Henley to work strategically and make a real impact in developing the workforces of those organisations who seek to make the most of their levy contribution.

Henley Business School plans to mobilise its expertise in designing bespoke Executive Education solutions to work with clients to design and deliver a tailored degree apprenticeship experience around a core product - to support them in attracting and growing talent, and co-create a strategic plan to help the learning and development teams to establish a Return on Investment from the outset and get the maximum benefit from their levy contribution. 

Initially Henley will be creating a qualification mapped against The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) standard called the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA).  This qualification, aimed at experienced Managers, will act as the core programme of study.  Our approach to the delivery of the CMDA means:

  • We can work with clients to identify strategic issues to within their business and utilise the assessment strategy and components of the work based learning elements of the programme to tailor elements of the programme and address these issues. 
  • We use excellence in our academic approach and rigour in our teaching to provide an outstanding experience, to build networks within and beyond their organisation, and creates real impact at an individual and company level.
  • We will seek other opportunities to develop the strategic nature of the relationship with Levy clients to be able to support their learning and development not just for  this programme, but for the entirety of their need, making transition into and out of the programme seamless and putting in place a holistic development journey to support the whole organisation.

The apprenticeship levy has the potential to disrupt the traditional learning and development landscape, we believe that our value adding approach to this opportunity will allow us to help businesses to gain the maximum value from their levy to create the best workforce possible, and allow Henley to remain at the vanguard of the Higher Education market.

If you or your organisation want further information on how to make the most effective use of the Levy contact Tim Sellick tim.sellick