Entrepreneurship at the heart of Henley Business School

15 June 2017

Entrepreneurship at the heart of Henley Business School

Entrepreneurship sits at the heart of Henley Business School, and this article focuses on its recent recognition of excellence by the AACSB and its close working with Henley Business School alumni and the local Thames Valley community.

Entrepreneurship at Henley 

Entrepreneurship education and teaching sit at the heart of Henley Business School. In 2017 the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship (HCfE) was honoured to be one of the winners of the AACSB Entrepreneurship Spotlight Challenge (AACSB is the world's largest accreditation body for business schools). This win recognises the HCfE's exceptional contribution to entrepreneurship education, research and impact on the local community of entrepreneurial businesses. Placing the Centre in the top 20 entrepreneurship centres worlwide, one of only four in Europe and one of two in the UK (www.aacsb.edu/esc).

Established in 2007 the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship was founded with a remit to provide entrepreneurship education within Henley Business School and across the wider University. Entrepreneurship education began at the University of Reading in the 1980s with excellent academic research; its distinctive approach is focusing on how entrepreneurs create new markets and make markets function more efficiently. It has continued to flourish since then.

The Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship has many facets at Henley Business School: 

Along with this, the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship looks to an exciting future focused on:

  • expanding entrepreneurship across the University to deliver education in entrepreneurship and increasing the number of incubation spaces
  • investing in supporting start-up and scale-up companies through initiatives such as the Accelerator Programme, training opportunities for SMEs under the Apprenticeship Levy, growing the membership and activities of the Henley Business Angels, and establishing a Henley Co-Fund
  • contributing to global entrepreneurship learning by publishing excellent research and collaboration worldwide.

 The future looks exciting, so come join in and get involved! Become a Henley Business Angel!