Henley Global Masterclasses 2017: Facing Complexity in a fast-Changing world

12 June 2017

Henley Global Masterclasses 2017: Facing Complexity in a fast-Changing world

In May we were joined by 40 Henley alumni from across the globe for another successful series of Henley Global Masterclasses, our annual event offering alumni the opportunity to reinvigorate their learning at our beautiful Greenlands campus.

40 Henley Business School alumni from across the globe joined us back on the Greenlands campus in May for our Henley Global Masterclasses, our annual event  offering alumni the opportunity to return and to reinvigorate their learning with us.

Focused around the theme of ‘Facing Complexity in a Fast-changing World’, during the various sessions the delegates were challenged by our academics to consider the changing and complex business world we face and how to survive in the VUCA world. 

Presented with a range of research on topics that delegates may face in the current business climate, alumni discussed and debated with our academics on how these problems affect them and their industries. Reflecting on the change and tumult of the past few years, Professor John Board and Professor Sotiris Tsolacos considered these changes, providing a context for potential future developments.

Whilst contemplating the past, our delegates also looked to the future prospects of the business world. They considered BREXIT and the opportunities it presents, informed by insights gained from Dr Elena Beleska-Spasova’ survey. Dr Anupam Nanda and Professor Gavin Parker explored the impact and meaning of the development of urban intelligent places and probed with our delegates on how to analyse the urban and social data produced to solve urban living challenges and empower people to apply information intelligently. 

The sessions also offered our alumni strategies to nurture their skills and resilience in a VUCA world; developing design thinking skills with Jon Foster-Pedley and cultivating their leadership strategies with Dr Bernd Vogel and Dr Sharon Varney, while our final session looked at career resilience and how to strengthen it.

Delegates were also able to network and connect with their fellow alumni throughout their learning experience, as well as engaging  wiith our academics. Each day of their learning experience closed with time for leisure and socialisation; enjoying a private dinner with Deputy Dean Professor Ginny Gibson in attendance on the Thursday evening and a relaxing dinner and boat cruise along the river Thames at Henley in the beautiful evening spring sunshine on the Friday.