Prof Andrew Godley Delivers Keynote Speech in China

23 August 2017

Prof Andrew Godley Delivers Keynote Speech in China

On 8th May Prof Andrew Godley and Visiting Prof Zhongming Wang attended the Advanced Workshop for Entrepreneurial Mentors' Capacity Building in Zhejiang Provincial Universities 2017. It was here that they delivered the keynote speeches to a large assembled audience.

Prof Godley spoke on ‘New Models and Practices of Entrepreneurship Education’ and Prof Wang’s talk was entitled ‘How to be an Effective Entrepreneurship Mentor’. The workshop was attended by over 300 University faculty in entrepreneurship, mostly from Zhejiang province, and was sponsored by the Zhejiang Province Universities Faculty Training Centre.

Prof Godley has several strong ties with China, as he is a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University and is Co-Drector of the Reading-Zhejiang Sino-British Entrepreneurship Research Centre alongside Prof Wang.