Dr Irene Garnelo-Gomez Presents at ESMC in Antwerp

4 September 2018

Dr Irene Garnelo-Gomez Presents at ESMC in Antwerp

Dr Irene Garnelo-Gomez, member of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation, presents results from her research on sustainable living at the 4th European Social Marketing Conference, held in Antwerp (Belgium) from 5th to 7th of September.

Irene’s work focuses on understanding how the interplay between identity and motivation shapes sustainable individuals, and how this interplay could inform policy makers and organisations when developing pro-sustainable behaviour marketing campaigns.

The conference is an event for social marketing, behaviour change, communication and policy professionals across Europe who are working to achieve social good through positive behaviour change.

The mission of the World Social Marketing Conference event series is to act as a vehicle to help build a global movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practice in social marketing, as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of social marketing practice at both operational and strategic levels.

Dr. Irene Garnelo-Gomez said:

Due to the limited number of conferences in social marketing, presenting my work at this event is a great opportunity. I will be able to network with academics and practitioners in the field and share with them part of the work we do in social impact here at the JMCR.”