Dr Marrisa Joseph is presenting a research seminar

13 December 2018

Dr Marrisa Joseph is presenting a research seminar

Dr Marrisa Joseph is giving a research seminar titled: Protecting the Future: The Role of Professional Associations in Constructing Business Practices in the Victorian Publishing Industry on 13 December, 2018 at the Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus.

The paper abstract can be found below

This paper explores how two professional associations in the late nineteenth century were instrumental in breaking down established ways of doing business in the British publishing industry. The research explores The Society of Authors founded in 1884 and The Publishers’ Association founded in 1896. These societies were instrumental in professionalising what I refer to as literary businesses – publishers, authors and literary agents – who commercially work with literature. Since their formation these professional societies have been significant in institutionalising ways of doing business. However, there is a gap in research that identifies why these professional associations were successful, furthermore there is little discussion of why specific practices were championed over others and how they were legitimised. Therefore, this paper asks how were established business practices disrupted by the introduction of professional associations in the British publishing industry, and why were they successful in becoming institutionalised? Drawing on institutional theory, through an analysis of historical sources, the paper brings to the foreground a case that demonstrates how professional organisations can disrupt institutionalised dynamics of a field.

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