Dr Stephan Gerschewski awarded the 2018-1 X-Culture Global Educator Award

10 September 2018

Dr Stephan Gerschewski awarded the 2018-1 X-Culture Global Educator Award

Based on the results of the X-Culture project 2018, Dr Gerschewski was awarded the ‘2018-1 X-Culture Global Educator Award’, out of a total of 169 academics whose students participated in the X-Culture competition.

The X-Culture project is a large-scale experiential learning exercise, which was created to give students from around the globe an opportunity to take part in a virtual competition in order to learn the challenges and best practices of international business consulting.

A total of 4,971 students from 151 universities in 37 countries on six continents participated in the X-Culture project. Students worked in global virtual teams, each team being from a different country, to develop a business proposal for one of half a dozen companies that partnered with X-Culture. The corporate partners included companies, such as Nashville Chamber of Commerce; Vertical Journey, a tourism provider from Peru; Finish Schools International, a private school network from Finland; UniCheck, a company making plagiarism detection software, and Ultraspecialist, a medical services firm from Italy.

X-Culture has received numerous awards from the Academy of Management and Academy of International Business for the work in fostering international inter-institutional collaboration, developing new experiential learning techniques, and research in International Business and Experiential Learning areas. Notably, X-Culture has just received the 1st Re-Imagine Education Prize in the Nurturing Employability category. This is a highly prestigious international prize awarded by the Wharton Business School.

Several students from Dr Gerschewski’s MSc module ranked among the top teams in the final results of X-Culture, and they were invited to present their business proposals at the annual X-Culture Conference at University of Mascerata, Italy, in July/August 2018.

More about the X-Culture project can be found on this website.

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