Heads Together and Row: Day 1

12 December 2018

Heads Together and Row: Day 1

It’s been a day full of excitement and emotion for Heads Together and Row (and us here at Henley Business School!) as they set off on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018.

The race began at 10.30am today, with staggered start times for the 20+ crews competing to ensure they left the harbour in La Gomera safely. Here is the view of the boats lined up to take part, with families and friends gathered to cheer them on.


Before they left, the team each recorded the first of a series of video diaries which will be used as part of Henley Business School’s research project looking at their individual and team resilience. You can find out more about that here.

They also found time to send us a few last-minute photos. Here are Justin, Ali and Toby.


Here’s Jeremy, preparing the boat.


And here’s a final team photo, complete with Rufus the Henley Squirrel, who will be the team’s mascot for their journey.


Heads Together and Row finally set off at 11.45am, to cheers from those on land. Race organisers Atlantic Campaigns streamed the whole event on Facebook and it can be watched here.

After just a few hours at sea, Toby gave the team’s first interview from the Atlantic to BBC Radio Berkshire. Here he is live on air via the satellite phone…


The first few days will see the team settling in to their new routines on board. For most of the time they will be rowing in pairs, in two-hour shifts, 24-7, although they can row as a three if needed. When they’re not on the oars, they will need to find time to eat, sleep and wash (although as you can imagine, bathroom facilities on board are basic). They will also be sending regular updates back to us, which you will be able to follow on our website and also on our social media channels. More details about that here.

As of 1700 GMT on day 1, here’s how the team are getting on:

Position: 27 degrees 54.51 N, 017 degrees 9.90 W

Speed/Direction: 2.4 knots @ 207 degrees

Distance to go: 2542.9 Nautical Miles (2926.3 Miles)

13th in Fours crews

20th overall

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