Meet Heads Together and Row: Alison Wannell

8 December 2018

Meet Heads Together and Row: Alison Wannell

Having rowed on and off since university, taking on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018 was the next big adventure for Heads Together and Row crew member Alison Wannell after turning 40 earlier this year.

I don’t have any inclination to climb any mountains or anything like that, it was always going to be rowing-based for me,” she said.

The only female member of the crew, she has spoken in the past about her own struggles with her mental health and the big part that sport has played in improving her wellbeing.

My involvement in rowing has helped me through some tough times and so as well as the relentless routine and difficulties we will face being a terrific psychological challenge, I hope to help show that involvement in sport or a team project can really help those experiencing mental health difficulties gain a focus and feel a sense of purpose again,” she said.

While the team have been training for two years for the race, Alison, a trained lawyer from Bradford on Avon, believes the challenge will be 10% physical and 90% mental.

When those waves are big it’s going to be scary,” she said.

We know we can do it, we’ve just got to have faith in ourselves, our training and our equipment and focus on what we’ve done to get here.”

Henley Business School is working with Heads Together and Row on a research project looking at individual and team resilience. Click here to find out more.