Moscow’s MGIMO University hosts Henley Business School Masters students and delivers a truly outstanding experience

6 April 2018

Moscow’s MGIMO University hosts Henley Business School Masters students and delivers a truly outstanding experience

From 25-31 March a group of Henley Business School Masters students attended a week long workshop of presentations, consultation sessions and judging of the best new venture at Moscow's MGIMO University in Russia. The workshop, hosted by Professor Olga Khotyasheva, Director of the MGIMO University Business Incubator, proved a massively valuable learning experience for Henley students and MGIMO new venture founders.

The week started with a welcome from Professor Andrey Baykov, Vice President of Graduate and International Programs. Professor Baykov went on to speak of the growing collaboration between Henley and MGIMO University and encouraged all to work towards the same goal.  

Prof Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Vice Dean International at Henley Business School, introduced Henley Business School to the students of the MGIMO University Business Incubator, highlighting its achievements, international collaborations and research and teaching capabilities. Prof Kalyuzhnova echoed the call for working together and building a long term partnership between the two institutions, which was established five years earlier in March 2013. Prof Kalyuzhnova closed by highlighting the ever growing range of programmes offered by Henley and the appeal of these programmes to international students. 

Jurek Sikorski, Executive Director of Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship, then followed with a presentation on the importance of students developing their ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and engaged all students and faculty in an exercise that afforded them the opportunity to measure, understand and develop their ‘entrepreneurial mindset’. Dr Irute Daukseviciute, Lecturer in Marketing at Henley Business School, also engaged the assembled students with a revealing insight into ‘experiential marketing’ and the importance of building positive customer experience in creating a success company. The talk was concluded by Associate Professor Maks Belitski, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship sat Henley Business School, who addressed the often debated question ‘entrepreneurship and (or) innovation?’ in the process evoking some insightful responses from students. 

During the first working day the students heard presentations from founders of six new ventures in the MGIMO Business Incubator. Working in groups the HBS masters students offered consultancy advice and provided some valuable analyses and recommendations for the new ventures. 

Katarina Tamarina, who co-founded fashion casual and sportswear brand Ken’n’edy, won the best new venture. The Henley judges were impressed by the fact that the business was already making sales, as well as the business model and the professionalism, ambition and dedication of its co-founder.

An excited Katarina said: I was inspired by the fresh insight and great ideas for growing the business given by the Henley Business School Consulting Team and have planned to implement much of their advice.“ 

The further good news was that the Henley consultancy team that advised Katarina was a joint winner of the best consultancy team with the team that advised Folk Comic, a new concept of digital comics. 

Katarina won a prize that includes a visit to the UK and attendance at the next Henley Business Angels Company Presentations event in June. 

These are some of the comments made by founders about the Henley consulting teams…

The team’s analysis has given us a fresh approach and new ideas to grow the business.”

We shall adopt the recommendations made by the HBS team.

What great food for thought… we have already started to implement the recommendations.” 

The visit was more than just work; the Masters students visited some of the well-known and historical sites of Moscow, including Red Square and the Kremlin, Arbat Street and the Moscow International Business Centre, capped off with a cruise down the Moscow river to see all the sites. Faculty were also hosted to an evening’s entertainment of Ruslan and Ludmila, a famous Russian fairy tale performed on ice by the largest assembly of Olympic and World ice skating champions.

The visit shows what can be achieved when two leading universities desiring of closer academic and business ties collaborate for mutual benefit, notwithstanding the political crisis. Henley Business School wishes to thank all at MGIMO University who made the visit a great learning experience. It was summed up by Denis Kercher, MSc International Business student, who said it was “a truly amazing experience that brought International Business to life.”