New KYMIRA Garment that Detects and Diagnoses Heart Attacks Receives Government Funding

4 January 2018

New KYMIRA Garment that Detects and Diagnoses Heart Attacks Receives Government Funding

KYMIRA, an energy-harvesting technology start-up company for performance enhancing sportswear and wearable devices in the medical and domestic healthcare markets that occupies the Henley Start-Up Business Incubator, has been awarded two Innovate UK grants to develop detection and diagnostic algorithms for heart attacks and foetal monitoring within clothing.

KYMIRA, who have also received funding from members of Henley Business Angels, have focused their R&D efforts on the development of wearable energy harvesting technologies that utilise the wearer’s movement and heat to power wearable technologies. The recent grants awarded, from Innovate UK’s Digital Health Technology and Biomedical Catalysts, will allow KYMIRA to start working on the next milestones of both projects, the integration of sensors and software into smart garments.

Additionally, the funding will enable KYMIRA to secure a strong position with their products in the digital health technology market. It will also solidify a number of key collaborations, which includes projects with Guys and St Thomas’ NHS trust, who will be providing clinical advice on the two projects.

During the Innovate UK application process KYMIRA were described as one of the UK’s next ‘unicorns’, due to the enormous potential of their technologies and the various applications within different markets such as Healthcare, Sports, Entertainment, Space Exploration and Defence.

We are probably best known for our sportswear brand, KYMIRA Sport, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for me,” said Tim Brownstone, founder and CEO of KYMIRA. “My vision for KYMIRA was to one day save lives and with these grants we are getting closer to making our vision a reality. 2017 has been a fantastic year for me and the KYMIRA team and we can’t wait to get started on these projects.”

KYMIRA currently expect initial applications for their smart garment technology to come to the market through their sportswear brand in 2019. The company are currently in the midst of raising their first seed investment round to raise capital to further accelerate their R&D and provide growth capital to expand their sportswear brand domestically and internationally.

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