On parade

8 August 2018

On parade

Heads Together and Row survive latest kit inspection

Before the Heads Together and Row team can take on their Atlantic rowing challenge, they must pass a number of safety inspections. Crew member Justin Coleman has written this blog post about the latest one.

“Don’t worry” said Nikki from race organisers Atlantic Campaigns, “Advisory Inspections aren’t pass or fail.”

Hearing it is one thing, believing it is something else altogether, so it was with some trepidation that the four of us, with our faithful boat Trilogy in tow, trooped across to Burnham-on-Crouch to be given the once over by race Safety Officer Lee Fudge. Lee is vastly experienced, having been involved in the sport for ten years, so is a good man for the job.

Advisory Inspections are a critical part of the process. Atlantic Campaigns’ major aim is to get everyone across in one piece, and by having a look at our preparations with four months to go, they can address any issues early on – and certainly before we get to La Gomera, when it might be too late to do anything about it.

Lee at least was in good spirits – I have a suspicion that he likes spreading consternation – as he picked over our boat and kit with a fine tooth comb. We know Lee well enough to have a laugh with him, but also well enough to know that trying to pull the wool over his eyes is not recommended.

Behind the jokes Lee was all business as he prodded and tweaked, counted and took notes, saw what kit we were missing, where the boat needed work or changes to its layout. We do still need some items and would welcome any support with final kit provision. It was an exhausting two hours!

In the end, I’m delighted to say we survived. We already knew where we were short of kit, and other than a few issues which are easily sorted the boat is in good shape.

Visit Heads Together and Row’s website to find out how you can support them.

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