Positive thinking to banish Blue Monday

15 January 2018

Positive thinking to banish Blue Monday

As I sit here thinking about my own feelings around coming back to work I can quite see why this Monday has been coined Blue Monday. 

After a break, with the preparation and social run up to Christmas and the promise of a New Year, coming back to work is quite daunting. Not only do we suddenly recall work that didn’t get finished before Christmas, but the return to a routine and the anxiety associated with tasks ahead can become quite daunting.

This ‘Blue’ feeling is not helped by winter weather and commuting in the dark, especially hearing all the sniffs and coughs around you!

Emotions and mood are contagious so, what can you do to ensure your team does not have a ‘Blue Monday’ this year?

  • Managers could plan a short team get together over coffee to start the new year and think about, as a team, a ‘new year resolution’. This will help promote positive thinking, encourage social interaction and an opportunity for the team to be motivated to work together to achieve a common goal.
  •  Find a mentor/sponsor. We are more likely to achieve our goals if we are being held accountable for our outputs. Why not enlist a colleague, friend or role model to help you set both personal and professional resolutions? Focusing on your personal development this year could help you to look past ‘Blue Monday’.
  •  For some, Christmas can be a stressful or lonely time. Wait for people to volunteer their holiday stories, try to focus on future plans rather than ask colleagues about their break.
  •  As a team, celebrate Blue Monday! Encourage your colleagues to think of what they could do to embrace blue Monday with some fun! Wear something bright or new. Perhaps fine people in the office for negative thinking, introduce a prize for the best ‘good deed’ for the day or enjoy a team lunch.