Professor Susan Rose receives Knowledge Sharing Award

20 July 2018

Professor Susan Rose receives Knowledge Sharing Award

Professor Susan Rose
delivered a Faculty Knowledge Session titled “Flow & Technology: Being Lost in the Moment”, before being presented with the Knowledge Sharing Award at the recent Henley Business School Alumni Event,
held in Singapore.

The evening began with a welcome by Jean-Pierre Choulet, Director of Alumni and Development, and an address by David Foo, Chair of the Henley Alumni Association in Singapore.

Professor Rose then presented her current research on ‘cognitive flow’, an interesting phenomenon describing the state of total mental absorption in an activity. Originally, this concept was applied to fields of activity such as music or sports, though it has recently become more relevant to human behaviour in relation to technology, specifically whilst using the Internet – such as the now familiar sight of young people glued to their screens!

With the current surge in consumer use of technology to engage in traditionally non-digital activities - shopping, banking and searching for information, to name but a few - psychological studies have become more focussed on exploring the effect of these technologies on our cognitive behaviour.

The Knowledge Sharing Award is presented to those members of faculty who have distinguished themselves by presenting their research and teaching to a wide audience of listeners in an accessible and easy-to-digest way. Professor Rose’s history of valuable contributions to the sharing of knowledge was recognised with the award.

Professor Susan Rose said:

“It is always a delight to visit the Singapore alumni and the event was, as ever, enjoyable with much thought-provoking and lively conversation.

Many thanks to David and his team for the much appreciated Award.”