REP and BISA staff and students in Housing Datathon

9 July 2018

REP and BISA staff and students in Housing Datathon

Students and faculty members from Real Estate & Planning and Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting have recently been involved in a unique event on the housing market - South East Housing Datathon

The event, hosted by Deloitte in Reading, explored how organisations and the wider housing community, can utilise tech expertise and data sources to answer some of society’s biggest problems.

The event, which ran over two days,was well attended with many public and private sector stakeholders from the region. For two days the teams gathered, analysed and brainstormed on innovative solutions to housing issues in South East of England. Professor Anupam Nanda and Dr Cathy Hughes from Real Estate and Planning were joined by Professor Keiichi Nakata and Dr Weizi Li from Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting. Professor Nanda provided seminar presentations alongside speakers from Deloitte and Rightmove.

Participants were tasked with a 24 hour data-hack to link housing data from open and closed data sources with trends in key social factors, focusing on housing affordability, social inclusion and the value of data to propose innovative solutions to some of the issues that we face in Housing in the South East today.

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