The 5Qs: Putting the I in ROI

14 May 2018

The 5Qs: Putting the I in ROI

We often say that there’s no “I” in team, because WE need to work as a colourful and kick-ass collective to get the job done. 

But there are times when it should be all about “me, me, me”. 

Those times are when you’re pondering the future and thinking about investing in yourself and your success. Then it’s all about building the best version of you - self-aware, skilled and super effective, and empowered with the knowledge, skills and capabilities that define and describe the shrewd operator and modern leader. 

But that sounds a bit soft to me - what you really need is to be able to demonstrate more than your peers, show you’ve always got potential, and create the value that your piece of the puzzle needs. You and your business need the biggest return on their investment of time and money.  More bang for your buck.

But I think many people have got lost somewhere. They are so busy looking for this ROI that they can’t see the wood for the trees. 

They are not just looking for an immediate impact from their learning, they are frantically searching for proof that every hour they spend off-the-job increases the money in the bank.  But that’s such a blunt instrument. Sharper brains recognise that tomorrow’s business requires so much more from us. 

We need ethics and reputation, identity and passion, guile and influence.  We need clear purpose and defined goals, staying power and stickability. 

That’s what creates the value. And that’s what gets the very best from a leader just like you.  My colleague Professor Andrew Kakabadse’s latest insights describe this as needing the 5Qs: 

  • cognitive intelligence (IQ
  • emotional intelligence (EQ
  • political intelligence (PQ
  • resilience quotient (RQ
  • and a moral quotient (MQ) that’s “becoming increasingly vital, taking an ethical approach to the way you lead.”

Personally, I’ve no time for the flim-flam of vox-pop leadership. We need 5Q grounding. 

You’ve got to be the right kind of leader delivering the right results. 

Because you’re the “I” in ROI.