War and Peace in Organisational Memory Workshop

16 January 2018

War and Peace in Organisational Memory Workshop

War and Peace in Organisational Memory Workshop

The workshop was held at the Henley Business School on 12 December 2017. The content of the workshop was devoted to a special issue of Management and Organizational History, timed to coincide with 11 November 2018 as the 100th year anniversary of Armistice Day. The special issue will focus on the examining the impact that war, as a social and political event, had upon organizational identity.

Authors interested in submitting a paper for the special issue of Management and Organisational History journal should click here

Organizations are known for marking their own centennial, bicentennial and other anniversaries. These celebrations are good opportunities for organizations to reflect on their past. The commissioned corporate history that often stems from these events helps the organization to understand its past. This work can then be used externally to form part of its marketing strategy or internally as a way to firm up its identity. The past and longevity also confers legitimacy upon the organization. Other commemorative dates and remembrance ceremonies are of similar importance. While not the traditional focus of business historians, these dates are nevertheless observed by organizations as they participate in the social process of remembering events. This is especially apparent in the experience of war and, as we have seen more recently, terrorist attacks.

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