25 January 2018

Webinar: Coaching and cancer

Most coaching relationships are straightforward in their structure: as a qualified coach, you have strong knowledge of the field, and your client has a clear idea of the issues they are facing and would like to deal with.

When your client has cancer however, this is often not the case; their future and issues to deal with are unpredictable and the way forward is not as clear. What do you need to know to coach a cancer patient, their work colleague or their family and close friends? Our Henley Centre for Coaching webinar recording with Gill Smith, Honorary Lifetime Fellow of the Association for Coaching, answers this and other questions.

Gill shares her professional insights and personal experience, having herself being diagnosed with secondary, incurable breast cancer. She has been described as a courageous ‘truth-monger’ and will give you ideas to help you get to the heart of what matters for your client.  

For more information about Gill’s experience, visit her website or take a look at her ‘Because You Can’ book.

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