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MSc Management Students Visit Strasbourg for Study Trip

Strasbourg 2019 Study Visit mtime20190626104406

The study visit was led by Dr Kleio Akrivou, with support from Dr Cerem Erdem, and was organised in collaboration with the Strasbourg Business School. The first week of the study challenge abroad contained lectures in Strasbourg Business School on cross-cultural awareness, corporate responsibility, the institutions of Strasbourg and the economic profile and strategy of the city and region.

Additionally, the Henley Business School students had the opportunity to participate in a number of company visits, including Mercedes Benz and its Rastatt plant in Germany, the Cerdia Group in Germany and ADIRA (the Regional Development Charter of the Chamber of Commerce) in Strasbourg. This was followed by a visit the headquarters of WEBERHAUS in Germany and ROCHE pharmaceutical firm in Basel, Switzerland, for a series of management presentations. Several French SMEs and start-ups also welcomed the students, including MYFOOD and Alsace Restauration.


The second week of the visit comprised of follow-up lectures and class discussions at the Strasbourg Business School and cultural visits in the city and neighboring cultural landmarks, such as the Haut Koenigsburg Castle. Students also were invited to visit the brand centre for GAGGENAU, a leading luxury German firm, and discovered the strategic approach the firm has for its customers involving both management talks and cooking with them in their customer events management centre. Students then went onto visit the Port Autonome of Strasbourg, where they discovered how complex trade and collaboration happens across territories via the PAS.

In the second week, students also visited the key international institutions which have a pivotal role in the economic and political life of the wider Europe region and also worked on team projects and presentations in teams in the Strasbourg Business School's library. Finally, students had the chance to present their team work and projects and receive formative feedback in front of Dr Akrivou, Dr Erdem and a group of Strasbourg Business School professors.


Speaking after the trip had concluded, Dr Akrivou elaborated on the aim of the study visit, explaining: "The purpose of the international study challenge module is to develop our graduates holistically at a personal and professional level, developing international and cross cultural skils and the ability to understand the industry and develop professional awareness, acumen and team working in context skills. Learning will be completed back at Whiteknights campus, with students finalising their group work for submission and taking into account their research, contextual direct experience and the formative feedback they all received in the context of the study visit."

Published 26 June 2019