Professor Gavin Parker briefs Parliamentary Group on Neighbourhood Planning

27 June 2019

Professor Gavin Parker briefs Parliamentary Group on Neighbourhood Planning

Professor Gavin Parker from Real Estate & Planning was an invited speaker to the Housing and Planning All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting on 25th June 2019, hosted by Mark Prisk MP and Helen Hayes MP in the Houses of Parliament.

The group was meeting to discuss Speaking to the neighbours - How do we get communities more involved in neighbourhood planning? Following the introduction of the Localism Act in 2011, Neighbourhood Plans can be prepared by parish and town councils, or where these bodies don’t exist, by a neighbourhood forum created by the community.

Professor Parker briefed the group on neighbourhood planning and discussed ideas about the future development of the initiative. This area of planning practice continues to attract significant interest given its positioning of communities as ‘citizen-planners’.

Earlier in the year Professor Parker - alongside Kat Salter and Matthew Wargent - published the book Neighbourhood Planning in Practice, assessing neighbourhood planning and guiding those involved by highlighting the main lessons learned so far. This event follows on from Gavin’s presentation to the Civil Society All-Party Parliamentary Group in March 2019 on lessons from neighbourhood planning when considering wider public participation in planning.