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Ahmed Alshammary

Ahmed Alshammary Updated Photo 2


  • Antecedents of Acceptability of Online Learning: Instructors and Students Perspective and Policy Implications in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Alshammary is a Henley Business School PhD student in the department of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour.

His research interests are focused on the ways in which the management of the higher education facilities in Saudi Arabia and/or the GCC countries will lead the necessary organisational changes that are required to ensure that the necessary strategies are in place to consolidate the changes. This also involves the behavioural changes which will occur and must be managed, as higher education organisations in Saudi Arabia may feel that this is an enforced change.

In 2014 Ahmed was awarded an MSc in Management Information Systems from the University of Nebraska, USA. In 2013 he also earned a BSc in Management Information Systems from the same institution.