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Dr Arthur Li

Lecturer in International Business and Strategy

A LI 2


  • International Business, 
  • Foreign Subsidiary Management, 
  • Multinational Enterprises, 
  • Managerial Successions


Henley Business School, Whiteknights campus

Dr Arthur Li is currently a Lecturer in International Business at Henley Business School.

Dr Li’s research focuses on a critical intersection in IB, the managerial micro-foundations of multinational enterprise (MNE) subsidiary control, coordination, and organizational evolution.


PhD in International Business, Western University, Canada

MBA in General Management, Vlerick Business School (BiMBA), Belgium

Current Research Focus

  • To develop new insights on foreign subsidiary management. Built on a comprehensive set of in-depth interviews and longitudinal data from over 1,900 foreign subsidiaries, Arthur has examined whether multiple general manger (GM) successions accelerate or decelerate the momentum for further GM change, as well as improve or disrupt subsidiary performance and survival.
  • His research also explores individual succession events by providing a more accurate account of what triggers subsidiary GM change and when subsidiary GM succession can be an effective subsidiary turnaround strategy.
  • To complement the nationality-based subsidiary GM succession strategy, Arthur has also developed an empirical study to address which subsidiary control mechanisms make early-entrant MNEs successful.
  • Other projects explore international business and strategy from the upper echelons perspective and behavioral theory, focusing on the role of board members and corporate expatriates.

Professional Roles

  • Managing Director for Elof Hansson International AB, Beijing, China
  • General Manager and Co-Founder of Qingdao Honest International Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Overseas Operation Manager for the Haier Group, Overseas Administration Division, Qingdao, China


  • Best Paper Award Finalist at the Academy of Management Conference in 2021
  • Best Reviewer Award at the Academy of Management Conference, in 2021
  • Best Reviewer Award at the Academy of Management Conference in 2020
  • Plan For Excellence PhD 2016 – 2020

Most recent news & media

Dr Arthur Li nominated for Buckley and Casson AIB Dissertation Award

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29 April 2022