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Dr Mike Molesworth

Associate Professor in Marketing

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  • Digital Consumption, 
  • Critical Marketing, 
  • Consumer Cultures


Whiteknights Campus

I have over 23 years experience of lecturing in marketing communications and consumer culture, following experience in financial services and the motor trade, and first taught digital marketing in 1998.

I was previously a Teaching Fellow in the Centre of Excellence for Media Practice at Bournemouth Media School where amongst other things, I was involved with innovations in online course delivery.

Whilst at Bournemouth I also helped set up the Creative Enterprise Bureau, a unique staff/student collaborative consultancy working for clients such as ITV, Channel 4, Toyota and Samsung. I maintain an active interest in consultancy work, especially in synthesising and translating academic research for practitioners.

My research interests include all areas of consumer culture, but especially emerging consumer practices related to technology, in non-Western contexts, and related to ethical consumption. I am also interested in the relationship between marketing practices and corporate responsibilities.

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