Abigail Dubiniecki

Associate, GDPR Transition Programme

Abigail Dubiniecki

Abigail Dubiniecki

Strategic Management
Privacy, Data Protection, Cyber security, Operational Risk Management, International Trade


Abigail Dubiniecki is a Canadian freelance lawyer and privacy professional specialising in data protection and international trade.

An Associate of Henley’s GDPR Transition Programme, she delivers executive education on GDPR implementation to senior executives of top UK and global brands. She also advises a portfolio of ambitious, mid-sized companies on GDPR and ePrivacy compliance as a Senior Lawyer with My Inhouse Lawyer, and larger, global brands through a global consulting firm.

Recognising that in an increasingly data-driven world, virtually all businesses are ‘digital’, and few are strictly local, Abigail uses a blended approach to compliance that connects the dots between business continuity, risk, technology, and trade.

Abigail is adept at translating regulatory requirements into business requirements that address commercial realities and aspirations, and her combined expertise in privacy and international trade matters gives her a truly global perspective. She draws on these skills and these unique perspectives to enrich the classroom environment and help students appreciate the broader, commercial backdrop for their GDPR compliance journeys.

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