Dr Adeyinka Adewale

Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

Dr Adeyinka Adewale

Dr Adeyinka Adewale

Fellow of HEA
Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Henley Business School Building Room 227, Whiteknights Campus
+44 (0) 118 378 4042


Adeyinka Adewale is a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the Henley Business School. He is a member of both the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Centre for Social and Organisational Studies (CSOS). Adeyinka is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

His doctoral research was in the field of business ethics with a special focus on contexts, especially bureaucracies and their impact on employee morality. The research drew on socio-cognitive theories such as the Moral Identity theory and Kohlberg’s Cognitive Moral Development theory within the Pharmaceutical industry context of a developing country to understand how bureaucratic contexts interact with employees’ moral identities.

He has since been invited to give talks and facilitate seminars/conferences on ethics, bureaucracy and digital governance at conferences in Europe, Africa and Asia. Adeyinka is a reviewer for top management journals and has also published his research with renowned management textbook publishers including Edward Elgar and Taylor and Francis Group.

His teaching experience covers undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Entrepreneurship, Organisational Behaviour, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Book Chapters:

'Integrated Habitus for the common good of the firm – a dialogical conception of habitus, grounded on virtue on the basis of processual self-integrity capacity'. Published in the textbook Challenges of Capitalism for virtue ethics and the common good. Editors: Akrivou, K and Sison, A. Publisher: Ed Elgar (May, 2016)

'Surviving in Africa: The response of Multinational Corporation to institutional deficiencies and their broader moral implications'. Published in the textbook, Management Development in Africa: Building capacities to serve African organisations. Editors: Kazeroony, H., Puplampu, B., Du Plessis, Y.Publisher: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group (March, 2016)

Conference Presentations

'A Tale of Four Bureaucracies'. Conference paper presented at the Beyond Bureaucracy Seminar at the Institute for American Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai (June, 2016)

'Beyond Bureaucracy: Lessons from Corporate Bureaucracies'. Conference paper presented at the Beyond Bureaucracy Seminar at the Danube University, Krems, Austria (June, 2016)

'Does Bureaucracy stifle moral agency?' Published in the special issue of the International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age themed Beyond Bureaucracy (December, 2015)

'Bureaucracy and Employee Moral Agency'. Conference paper presented at the Beyond Bureaucracy conference at the Vienna Institute of Technology, Vienna Austria International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age (May, 2015)